Goose Creek Pottery


I’m Teddy Green and I am the potter behind Goose Creek Pottery.  Goose Creek runs behind my Indiana studio. It empties into the west fork of the White River less than a half-mile from our farm- Cois Abhann –koosh-ou an (which means by the river in Gaelic). Since most folk who aren’t our Irish friends couldn’t pronounce it, I thought that Goose Creek was the better name for the studio.

I have had a love of pottery from the moment I realized that, without it, each meal would be a primal dining experience. I was trained as a musician. I found myself envious of the undergraduates in the fine arts program digging pits to fire in. Little did I know that I would embark on a career, as John Britt puts it, in “ advanced pyromania!”.

Speaking of careers, this is my fourth. I hope this one sticks better than the glaze did on the bowl on my opening page.

I work in stoneware and mid fire porcelain. I fire one shot gas-neutral at cone 6 – reduction mid/high fire. My primary work is functional wheel-thrown vessels. Additionally, I make large (3-4’ tall) coil pots.

We are making plans to open an additional studio/gallery in New Hope, Pennsylvania in June. I would love to see you at the opening.